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Hello dearest ones,

I've been in countless number of businesses in the past, seeking for the "pot of gold" so I can be a rich blessing to the needful "less-haves". but I was doing things my way, I was a tree filled with myself, then the Lord pruned my tree down to a stump to start over and a new life began! He spoke countless "BURSTS OF WISDOM" to nurture my tree. I journaled those godly inspired words. they transformed my life from the roots to the fruits! 

God led me out of "my Egypt" thru the "Desert" and to "the Promised Land". 


I want to share what he spoke, for me and you!  The most empowering one ...  


   "The 4 Pillars to a stable life".


Let me be your Purposeful, considerate, Luminous vessel of God's Kingdom business.


Iluminada "Myntz" Baylosis

Join me on my zoom meeting on June 18 and June 25, 2024.

7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

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